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VRA Bridge Metadata Tools

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JavaScript plugins for Adobe Bridge CS5 through CC 2022


This is a free open source project (MIT License) and you do not need to login here to download it.

These tools utilize the most essential elements and sub-elements from the VRA Core 4 schema.


Metadata Palette

  • View and edit embedded metadata for image(s). It's a cataloging screen.


introduction video 


Metadata Export-Import Tool

  • Export embedded VRA metadata from images to a spreadsheet
  • Import spreadsheet VRA metadata to images  


introduction video 



Download the most current version (no login required, just click the link below)




installation video 


If the VRA Bridge Metadata Tools export-import plugin doesn't have the fields you need, or has more than you want to deal with, you might want to try the Adobe Bridge User Customizable Export-Import Tool


Question, comments?  emwg@vraweb.org



  • The VRA display fields are backward compatible with previous VRA file info panels and export-import tools

  • This palette is compatible with the VRA Transform Tools http://core.vraweb.org/vracore_tools.html
    • A standard template is used which limits how many times fields can be repeated
    • You can exceed these limitations, but the additional data will not be recognized by other VRA tools
  • The IPTC fields are compatible with all other metadata tools




User Guide


Data Model


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