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What is MetaShotPpt?

It's pronounced "meta shot put" and it's a desktop application that automatically transfers IPTC, VRA Core (Work) and IPTC Artwork, metadata embedded in image files to PowerPoint slides. The idea is to save time manually entering captions in presentations.  It was built in Node.js and works on on Mac and Windows.


Fields imported

IPTC Photo  Creator, Title, Date Created, Location, Description, Keywords, Copyright Notice 
VRA Core Work  Agent, Title, Date Created, Style/Period, Culture, Work Type, Material, Technique, Measurements, Location  
IPTC Artwork  Creator, Title, Date Created, Circa Date Created, Style/Period, Contribution, Physical Description, Content Description, Source, Copyright 


About MetaShotPpt

This upgrade to MetaShotPpt was created with a Visual Resources Association Foundation(VRAF) (http://www.vrafoundation.org/) project grant awarded to Greg Reser and Sheryl Frisch, members of the Visual Resources Association’s, Data Standards Committee Embedded Metadata working group. The previous version was created using a 2013 VRAF project grant awarded to Amanda Rybin. Ben Lange was the software programmer and the tool was built in AppleScript, in consultation with Greg Reser and Heidi Eyestone, who developed the 2012 version for the PC, also funded by a VRAF project grant.


System requirements

Mac OS 10.6 or above, Microsoft PowerPoint 2011 or above, or Keynote 

Windows 7 or 10, Microsoft PowerPoint 2011 or above


Getting Started

You will need:

  1. Image files with embedded metadata that you wish to place on a slide in presentation software such as PowerPoint, or Keynote. (Need a group of test images with embedded metadata? Click here to download a zipped folder of images from the South Side Community Art Center in Chicago Unzip the folder and note its location on your computer).
  2. MetaShotPpt installed on your computer. 


Download and install (no login required, just click the Download link below)


  1. Download
  2. Unzip "MetaShotPpt_Mac.zip"
  3. Double click on the  application.
  4. The first time you open the application, you may receive a message "MetaShotPpt is an application downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it?" Click Open.
  5. Remember where your application is saved -- likely in your Downloads folder. Feel free to move to your Desktop or Dock for easy access.

  1.  Download
  2. Unzip "MetaShotPpt_Windows_Installer.zip"
  3. Double click  MetaShotPpt_Windows_Installer.exe"
    1. You might get a warning that "Windows prevented an unrecognized app from starting".  MetaShotPpt have not registered as developers with Microsoft, but know that we will not install any adware, spyware, or other unwanted applications.  If you are OK with this... Click "More info".  Click "Run anyway"
    2. Follow the on-screen installation instructions
  4. Look for the  in your Start menu desktop


Using MetaShotPpt




Question, comments?  emwg@vraweb.org

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