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Use Case-Organize personal images

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Desired Goal or Outcome

Use the IPTC Core fields, Keywords and Description, in Adobe Bridge to add tags and basic metadata to organize images by topic and facilitate searching.


Choice of Data Standard

IPTC Core Description and Keywords (sometimes called caption and tags) are ubiquitous and will allow you to identify and find a specific photo on your hard drive.  The information will usually display in file browsers, basic photo apps, web photo tools and social media.


Choice of Tool

Windows file Explorer can view, edit and search embedded metadata.  Mac Finder can view and search. Some metadata can be added or edited in the Mac Photos app. Of course, you can step up to basic, intermediate and even advanced photo apps and still use the same metadata.  Adobe Bridge is a good option for editing metadata, even for basic description.




Adobe Bridge CC2018 side metadata panel 


Windows 10 File Explorer (view and edit)


Mac Finder (view only)



Mac Photos (view and edit)


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