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Use Case-PowerPoint Metadata

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Desired Goal or Outcome

Automatically generate PowerPoint slides/presentations with captions from embedded metadata.


Choice of Data Standard

Use MetaShotPpt to import IPTC CoreIPTC Extension, and/or VRA Core metadata to automatically generate captions on PowerPoint slides .


Choice of Tool

MetaShotPpt allows you to select the IPTC Core, IPTC Extension, and/or VRA Core field(s) that will appear as a caption on a PowerPoint slide.

You can also select the font (Calibri, Helvetica, Times), font size, font color (black, white), background color (black, grey, white), and choose to

have the image placed above, or beside, the text caption.




Source file viewed in Adobe Bridge with embedded metadata in the IPTC Core Description field.




Presentation generated by MetaShotPpt in PowerPoint's "Normal" view. The font is Calibri; size is 20 point.




Image and caption from metadata viewed in PowerPoint's Presentation view.


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