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Bridge User Customizable Export-Import

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If the VRA Bridge Metadata Tools export-import plugin doesn't have the fields you need, or has many more than you want to deal with, you might want to try this.

Note that not all VRA fields are available to use in this tool. If you use VRA Indexed fields, e.g., Agent Name vocab, id, href, you will need to continue using the VRA Bridge Metadata Tools


Adobe Bridge User Customizable Export-Import

A JavaScript extension for Adobe Bridge CS5 and higher that allows the user to export and import embedded XMP metadata from media files.

Main features

  • Export-import from select file(s) or from an entire folder (with option to include all subfolders)
  • Export-import metadata in tab-delimited text files
  • Define which fields to export-import
  • Create reusable custom lists of fields
  • Use established schemas (IPTC, Dublin Core, VRA) - either the entire schema or select fields
  • Use custom schemas and namespaces
  • Combine fields from different schemas
  • Specify field name/column header (allows synchronization with local field names)
  • Specify the order of the fields/column headers



Read more and download (GitHub)






This is a free open source project released under the MIT License


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