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VRA Embedded Metadata Subcommittee

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The Embedded Metadata Subcommittee (EMs), will investigate standards and tools for embedding descriptive metadata into image files.

The EMs is part of the Cataloging and Metadata  Standards Committee of the Visual Resources Association.



  • Research existing standards to understand how they interact.
  • Explore the potential implications of embedding metadata using cultural heritage focused schemas such as VRA Core 4 and CDWA lite.
  • Explore the preservation uses of embedded metadata.
  • Develop guidelines and standards.
  • Develop working tools for transforming , embedding and extracting metadata (xmp or rdf templates, xslt, applications)
  • Form partnerships with other image data standards organizations in order to maintain the interoperability of embedded metadata.


Working method

We intend to reach out to the VRA Community and beyond for input and ideas.  The vehicle for this broad input will be http://metadatadeluxe.pbwiki.com/ , an open source, public wiki where anyone (after obtaining permission) will be able to leave comments, add essays and edit content.  This wiki is just a starting point.  We expect the essay writing content to change significantly as the project moves forward.  We hope to have a broader conversation going on in the wider community and then taking the information that is gathered there to help focus our conversations in the VRA CMSC Embedded Metadata Subcommittee.  The final products will come from the group and then be passed on to VRA CMSC for approval before being posted on the VRA website.



The working group will be open to members of VRA CMSC.  If anyone else in VRA is interested and committed to the project, we will encourage them to join VRA CMSC, so they could join the group more officially.



Sheryl Frisch, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Greg Reser

Steve Tatum, Virginia Tech





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