Embedded Metadata, Part I: The Basics and a History

Greg Reser and Johanna Bauman, Images, The newsletter of the VRA, December 2009 vol.6, no.6 

Explains what embedded image metadata is and how it developed from the need to easily share image files across applications and then was extended by the need of news organizations to send images electronically around the world.


Embedded Metadata, Part 2: Use Cases

           Greg Reser, Johanna Bauman, Steve Tatum, and Sheryl Frisch, Images, The newsletter of the VRA, April 2010 vol.7, no.2

Examines how embedded metadata could benefit them and the users of their visual resources or digital library collections.


What Not to Embed: is it better not to embed certain cultural heritage metadata in images?

          Greg Reser, VRA Bulletin: Vol. 39: Iss. 1, Article 5

While many people agree that embedding descriptive metadata in image files, there is a lot of disagreement about how much of it to embed, particularly when it comes to images of cultural heritage works.