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Fox Architects

Page history last edited by Steve Tatum 9 years, 10 months ago

Using IPTC and Adobe Bridge at Fox Architects, Washington, D.C.


Marie Williams, a Virginia Tech architecture student, is interning this summer (2011) at Fox Architects. One of her assignment is to manage a collection of images that the firm hope to use to help clients decide what they want.Marie's solution was to use tools she had learned as a visual resources assistant at Virginia Tech, namely using Bridge with IPTC metadata. She had used IPTC for uploading image to Flickr and also worked with the Virginia Landscape projects, which were pioneering projects for my cataloging explorations and Greg's panel designs, described in another case study on this wiki.


Here is Marie's description of her project:


"For the moment I'm simply putting it in the Title, Author, Description, and Keyword fields that come under the File Info panels.  I'm concerned about getting too complex with it from the start in case they can't keep up with it with future interns but I figured this was a good start.  What they want is a database of design related images that they can show to clients and have them associated with a vocabulary of words.  Previously they had done an exercise with a client where they gave everyone drafting dots and had them put them along an axis with antonyms at either end.  The axis is a sort of spectrum that represents which word they're want to be more associated with.  For example, one of them was:Traditional -------------------- ContemporaryAnd the client had to mark where along that line they wanted their workspace to fall.  The issue is that clients don't really know was is traditional vs. contemporary, so Fox is going to try it visually or maybe do a sort of word association exercise with the client beforehand.  Anyway, the images need to be searchable using those preset vocabularies (which are also in the process of changing).  I thought it would also be useful for them to be searchable by name, designer, and I tried to include anything else that could be associated with it using a description."


Contributed by Steve Tatum


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