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(pronounced "meta shot put")


About MSP

MetaShotPpt was created using a 2012 Visual Resources Association Foundation (http://www.vrafoundation.org/) project grant awarded to Greg Reser and Heidi Eyestone, members of the VRA Data Standards Committee, Embedded Metadata working group.  Chris Becerra was the software programmer.


What is MetaShotPpt?

MetaShotPpt is an embedded metadata/image importer for PowerPoint 2010 for PC.  MetaShotPpt takes a folder of image files and imports them into a PowerPoint presentation.  Each image is placed in a single slide and if the file has embedded metadata*, the metadata is imported into the speaker notes.  MSP is designed to streamline the creation of PowerPoint presentations for image users.  

*Fields imported; IPTC Title, Description, Location, Keywords, and Copyright Notice


Download MetaShotPpt


To install click here: MetaShotPptWindows.zip

1. Unzip "MetaShotPptWindows.zip"

2. Double click "setup"

Note: If warnings like "The publisher could not be verified.  Are you sure you want to run this software?" pop up, Windows is alerting you about software by an unknown publisher.  Click Run and Install to accept the download for MetaShotPpt. 


3.  Follow instruction to install

4.  The application will start automatically

5.  MSP will be added to your Start Menu

6.  Need a group of test images with embedded metadata? Carleton College Weitz Center.zip



Using MetaShotPpt


1.  Click the  icon to start the program.

2.  Select a folder of images by browsing or drag and drop a file of images onto the window.  You will see the directory of the file displayed in the field.  Click next.

3.  In the Select Data Fields window, select the data fields you wish to be placed into the PowerPoint notes field by clicking on the corresponding boxes.

4.  Click Create Slideshow to begin making the PowerPoint.  Note: Images without metadata will also be included in the PowerPoint.  Clicking Start Over will enable you to choose a different folder of images.

5.  PowerPoint will create slides, placing the image in the slide window and the image metadata in the notes field.  Selected data can then be copied and pasted into the slide if desired.


Reporting Errors and Bugs

Please send notices of errors and bugs to this wiki or heyeston@carleton.edu or greser@ucsd.edu


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