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 MetaShotPpt for Mac

(pronounced "meta shot put")


System requirements: OS 10.6 or above, Microsoft PowerPoint 2011 for Mac.


About MetaShotPpt for Mac

MetaShotPpt for Mac was created using a 2013 Visual Resources Association Foundation (http://www.vrafoundation.org/) project grant awarded to Amanda Rybin, member of the VRA Data Standards Committee, Embedded Metadata working group. Ben Lange was the software programmer. The software was based on the 2012 version for PC, also created using funds from a VRAF project grant awarded to Greg Reser and Heidi Eyestone. Consultation on MetaShotPpt for Mac provided by Greg and Heidi. The tool was built using AppleScript.


What is MetaShotPpt for Mac?

MetaShotPpt is an embedded metadata/image importer for PowerPoint 2011 for Mac. MetaShotPpt takes a folder of image files and imports them into a PowerPoint presentation.  Each image is placed in a single slide and if the file has embedded metadata*, the metadata is imported into either the presenter notes or the slide itself (your choice).  MSP is designed to streamline the creation of PowerPoint presentations for image users.  

*Fields imported: Title, Creator, Location, Keywords, Description, Date Created, and Copyright Notice. (See note below for more specific metadata information).


Download MetaShotPpt


To install click here: MetaShotPptMac.zip

1. Unzip "MetaShotPptMac.zip"

2. Double click on the application.

3. The first time you open the application, you may receive a message "MetaShotPpt is an application downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it?" Click Open.

4. The application will start automatically.

5. Remember where your application is saved -- likely in your Downloads folder. Feel free to move to your Desktop or Dock for easy access.

6. Need a group of test images with embedded metadata? Click here to download a zipped folder of images from the South Side Community Art Center in Chicago: metashotppt-test-jpegs.zip



Using MetaShotPpt



1.  Click the application  to start.

2.  Select a folder of images by browsing. You will see the directory of the file displayed.

3.  Under Metadata Options, select the data fields you wish to be placed into the PowerPoint by clicking on the corresponding boxes.

4.  Under Layout Options, select whether you would like the metadata to appear in PowerPoint presenter notes or on the slides themselves. If in the slides, select where you would like the data to appear.



5.  Click Create to begin making the PowerPoint. Note: Images without metadata will also be included in the PowerPoint.

6.  You will see a window confirming the number of images found. If all looks as it should, click OK.



7. PowerPoint will create slides, one image per slide. Images will be converted to jpegs with sRGB color profiles, and resized to display optimally in PowerPoint (1500 pixels on the long edge; pixel dimensions not to be increased if less than 1500).



8.  You will receive a message noting that the presentation was successfully created. You can either keep the application open by clicking "Return to MetaShotPpt," or you can Exit. Note that your presentation is not yet saved -- please be sure to save before exiting PowerPoint.


Reporting Errors and Bugs

Please send notices of errors and bugs to this wiki or emwg@vraweb.org


Known Errors

Please ensure that your PowerPoint software is up to date. If an update dialog is opened when PowerPoint opens, MetaShotPpt will fail to create a presentation.


Names of tags used by MetaShotPpt to populate fields:


•     Title - XMP:Title, IPTC:ObjectName, Title
•     Creator - XMP:Creator, IPTC:By-Line, Creator
•     Date - XMP:DateCreated, IPTC:Time-Created, Date
•     Description - XMP:Description, IPTC:Caption-abstract, IPTC:Headline, EXIF:Description, Description
•     Subject- XMP:Subject, IPTC:Keywords, Subject
•     Copyright - XMP:Rights, IPTC:CopyrightNotice, Copyright
•     Location - XMP:Location, XMP:City, XMP:State, XMP:Country, IPTC:City, IPTC:Sub-location, IPTC:Province-State, IPTC:Country-PrimaryLocationName, Location


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